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What to do in case of a Blocked Drain

Blocked drains are a very common occurrence in Brisbane. Most homeowners don’t even think about their drainage until it starts to block up. Furthermore, most homeowners don't really think about some of the items that are ending up in their drains, and the importance of not putting anything non soluble down there either. Having a lot of experience in unblocking different types of drains, we have seen all kinds of things that shouldn't be in there! Toys, sunglasses, sanitary items, cutlery, clothing, glass, rocks, you name it we've seen it all! These items become lodged somewhere along the pipe, then start catching other objects passing through, such as hair strands, paper etc. and before you know it, the amount of space available for the water to flow through the drain pipe has decreased significantly. Unless you take action quickly, there are serious chances that your drain pipe might burst altogether.

Blocked drains in Brisbane are a pretty common issue. Due to the relatively small size of the drain pipe, it doesn’t take long for a blockage to occur. Unblocking a drain is not usually something that you can do on your own. Depending on the severity of the blockage, you will most likely need to hire a certified plumber for the job.

If you want an emergency plumber in Brisbane for unblocking your drain pipes, look no further! At Waterwise Plumbing & Gas, we offer our clients an extensive array of plumbing services. Our professional team of plumbers have vast experience in unblocking drains with minimal hassle. Here’s what you need to do in case of a blocked drain pipe.

Call Us!

As soon as you call us for plumbing in Brisbane, we will arrange for one of our team members to come to your house. We will bring specialised equipment to be able to unblock any drain quickly and efficiently. We will first determine the cause of the blockage before deciding on the best method for unblocking. Once the blockage is cleared, we can then use a drain camera to determine if there is any damage or breakages in the pipe that may need further attention. In most cases, blocked drains in Brisbane can be quickly cleared using a high pressure jet rodder.

Unblocking the Drain

There are several ways to unblock a drain. The first option is to use a specialised plunger to try and push the blockage through the pipe. If the blockage is organic, another option is to use high-grade chemicals that attack and cut through the material causing the blockage. If all else fails, our high pressure jet rodder will cut through any blockage, including tree roots.

We offer top-of-the-line plumbing in Brisbane. Our highly experienced plumbers have unblocked many different drain pipes throughout the city. With our nominal rates and high-quality services, Waterwise Plumbing & Gas has become a reputable name in the market. Apart from offering basic drain unblocking services, we also provide a full suite of plumbing and gas fitting services. Whether you want to install a new gas system in the house or need any other plumbing service, just give us a call! We guarantee the best service in the city.

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